Case Study 3

Foreign Central Bank holding other Nation State’s gold.

A G7 government has instructed its Central Bank not to release £3bn in gold it is holding for an Asian Government. The reason is that following a disputed election the G7 Government recognised the opposition party as the rightful winner. However, the humanitarian situation in the Asian country is grave, with the second worse refugee problem in the world and an infectious disease is now affecting the country badly in the absence of a functioning health care system. A vaccine has been offered to the Asian government, but they cannot afford to pay for it. There is a discussion with the opposition whether the sequestered funds abroad can be used to purchase the vaccine. There is a greater willingness to allow the gold to return to the Asian country as long as a way can be found to ensure the resource is spent on vaccine procurement and distribution. Datrys is instructed to mediate an amicable settlement between the parties which would avoid expensive and lengthy litigation and help alleviate the suffering of the Asian country’s population.