Datrys Mediation +

Untying the knot of global disputes.

Too often the public good and commercial interests fall foul of complex and costly disputes. Governments and the private sector at a national and international level, can end up bogged down in disagreements with little prospect of a quick resolution. This serves neither the public good nor good business.

Even before the pandemic, there was increasing pressure on both the public and private sector to demonstrate ethical leadership and address global challenges like climate change and inequality. As businesses and governments reshape their ways of working in the wake of Covid 19, there is a real opportunity to embrace new approaches to resolving disputes in order to benefit both shareholders and society as a whole.

Blending the skills and experiences of a former G20 Prime Minister, one of the world’s top conflict mediators as well as a leading English QC, Datrys offers a new way to untie the knot of business and political conflict.

How we do it

We bring decades of resolving the most intractable conflicts and disputes across politics, conflict zones and law. Our approach is designed for the most complex, challenging and high stakes disputes that cut across stakeholders, politics, business and personalities. With a unique blend of authority, skills and experience, our method is to be proactive right from the start. We spend time shuttling between leaders on each side to understand the parties’ positions and needs. This means that when they enter the formal mediation room there is already a landing zone of possible agreement, which transforms the prospects of reaching a settlement that works for all.

Why it works

Our task is to secure a satisfactory and sustainable resolution to complex disputes. This will enable each side to move on and focus on their core business rather than being bogged down in extraneous issues which soak up unnecessary time, energy and resources.

This is not lobbying or PR work. It is a new type of mediation that is impossible to find elsewhere.

By being proactive, not partisan we are able to focus only on the interests of all the parties to find the best outcome for their dispute. However, complex disputes often have stakeholders that are not at the table.

This means that we try to find solutions to ensure that they do not become spoilers to any final agreement.